Restaurant Consulting Services

How We Consult With Restaurants

We will present the completed set of plans to Division of Hotels & Restaurants or local governing agency for their Plan Review approval prior to construction. We work with D.B.P.R., D.A C, D.O.H. on a regular basis and understand their requirements. This service helps to bar layout speed along the approval process.

During the Health Department final inspection, we will be present to help assure their approval of your completed project. It will be necessary for you to complete the package provided by our office and return it to us with the information requested to make this process easier.

Included in our package is 20 hrs of Mr. Guillaume’s  or his team’s consulting time to help you complete your project. We have listed below some of the areas that our previous clients have used these services.

We will schedule meetings with the General Contractor and their sub contractors to go over the drawings and specification book to answer any questions they may have as to the requirements for each piece of equipment. These meetings will be scheduled once a week in the beginning of the project but should be less frequent once the project is under way.

All dimension plumbing, gas and electrical stub outs will be fielded by us prior to the slab being poured to help assure proper locations for the new equipment. It will be necessary for the General Contractor to keep us well informed so that we can properly schedule this service.

We will inspect the installation of the walk-in cooler, hood system, and the food service equipment to make sure they were installed according to local code, and to verify that they match the specifications in the contract we agreed to. A test and balance of the hood and air conditioning system by an independent contractor can be provided for an additional fee. We highly recommend this service.

A copy of the completed floor plan and a specification booklet will be sent by us to three Food Service Equipment vendors of your choice, or three that we agree upon, for the purpose of bidding your project. We will review these proposals and do a side-by-side comparison to help you to choose the services that will work best to complete your project. Our goal is to help you meet your budget requirements with out sacrificing production.

At P.R.I.D.E. we do not sell any equipment or provide any equipment, so our designs and specifications are not based on any ties with manufactures. Our recommendations are based on our customers past experience with products in the field, and our continuing bar layout education.

Any drawings that require architectural seal & approval are not included in our scope of work. If you have an architect that you are working with we will share our files with them. If you have not selected an architect yet, we can recommend several with food service experience and familiarity with local codes. 

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