Restaurant Design

Our Commercial kitchen Design Service

At P.R.I.D.E. we are prepared to make your visions of a fully functional, freely flowing, commercial kitchen for your restaurant, our first priority for you, the customer.

Your design will show equipment locations, traffic and flow patterns as each area relates to the other. These designs will take into account ADA requirements, fire safety, and local codes. We partner with you to come up with a design, based on your input, space requirements and conceptual ideas. Additional designs to stimulate the thought process to improve efficiency and reduce labor cost will also be provided.

Our P.R.I.D.E. team will design, layout and specify the food service equipment that works best for your project.

Restaurant Design

This process can take the most time based on your feedback, and the information that you provide. We can speed this process up by having you provide a menu so that we can discuss the cooking process for each item. If it is an existing operation, we will study the current systems you have in place to make sure the design will work with and improve your current systems.

P.R.I.D.E. designs will include, totally dimensioned plumbing, gas and electrical connection plan drawings for the new equipment, complete with other important details.

Detailed drawings for all new hoods specified, in the drawings, will be provided. They will show sizes, weights, horsepower, voltage requirements, and CFM requirements to balance the hood with your A/C.

You will be provided with detailed drawings for all kitchen equipment, and new walk-in coolers specified. They will show sizes, weight, horsepower, voltage requirements, and installation notes. We will provide detailed mechanical schedule sheets specifying BTUs, amperages, voltages, horsepower, hot and cold water and drain requirements for the new equipment.


We will provide three (3) job ‘specification booklets’. These booklets will contain the manufacturer’s specifications for each equipment item, and will stipulate warranties, finishes and any optional items that you have requested.

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