At P.R.I.D.E. we are always looking out for a restaurant’s best interest and when it comes to something like alcohol licensing, we want to make sure I’s are dotted and T’s crossed! Many owners think they can do it on their own, experiencing a loss of license because of changes they made before checking out what they could or could not do to keep their license or not being able to get one for the very same reason.  That’s why having a restaurant design consultant is so important in this process.  We have the experience and knowledge in keeping up with any recent changes in zoning and alcohol licensing laws.

For example, in the City of Sarasota, FL, things like your menu, floor plans with layout and seating inside/outside, hours of operation and many other things all play an important part of the process for being approved for serving alcohol.

If you are considering an alcohol license for your current restaurant/bar business and need consulting from an experienced team of restaurant designers, please give us a call or learn more about our services here at P.R.I.D.E.